Such density of life

So many forms of life are happening in this painting.  I spent several weeks adding details and rows of trees and autumn covered mountains. There is feed for the season and for generations to come. Where is your attention drawn in this oil painting? 

This painting has multiple stories, from the horses grazing the land, the hare with a stolen apple, a lemon orchard, runner enjoying the scenery, a lovely house tucked in the mountains, a broad autumn foliage scene, bright open blue sky.  All coexisting in a density of life.
Oil on stretched cotton canvas, 45.7 x 61cm – 18 x 24”

Towards the horses —with one eating apples from the neighbor’s apple grove, two of them just walking the land and enjoying themselves, or the one startled by the naughty hare eating an apple?  are you drawn towards the endless rows of trees tidily sparkling the rolling hills?  Or is it towards the small but prolific apple orchard?  The house tucked in the autumn forest?  The lemon grove that supplies the whole valley with is tangy and juicy fruit?  The runners delighting in the endless landscape?  The blue mountains in the distance?  The bright sky with ethereal clouds? 

Whatever it may be you paused on, I wish you accompanied it with a slow deep breath that brings tranquility and joy. Let this painting, filled with such life, enrich this and every day.

This painting is available for purchase at The Saatchi Art gallery: View painting, price and shipping

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