So thankful

I am so deeply thankful to all of you! I appreciate your support and encouragement, as well as your purchases and commissions this past year. Thank you!

It brings me great joy when collectors show me where a painting they have acquired “lives” in their homes, and when they share stories as to what the painting means to them. I often explore the question of ‘what Art means to us’ and the impact it has in our lives and what it does to our brains. The more I read about the neuro-science of art, the psychology of art, and the emotions a work of art ignites, the more open and curious I become (I welcome links and titles on the topic if you also happen to be curious about this). Contributing to my community and to Nature are of utmost importance to me. Doing it through art is new in my life, as I hadn’t exhibited or participated in art committees before.

Getting my art in the cover (and back cover) of an arts magazine was also new this past year.

Thank you to the hard-working and creative team at Culturally Arts Collective for selecting two of my paintings to publish the December issue #07 of the Modern Renaissance art magazine. It was a surprise and delight to be selected. Culturally is an arts advocacy non-profit new to the arts scene.

In the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, one of my favorite poets:

And now we welcome the new year,

full of things that have never been.

May we all have a brand new year filled with experiences to be, where we learn discover, enjoy, contribute. May you find joy and meaning in the art you see and experience!

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