Smoke dance

I love dancing. I am not good at it but enjoy it so much and feel so free when moving to music that I do not care about the aesthetics. I also love fire, always have. The movement, the warmth, the scent are all so captivating. When combined, dance and fire bring back childhood memories, of dancing with my sisters in front of the fireplace, camping and eating fire cooked meals, and waking up outdoors to the songs of dancing birds.

“Smoke dance” oil painting on stretched canvas, 18×24″

In this painting, the fire flickers and burns like towers guiding the souls in the night. The air is illuminated in splendid hues and the cold is left almost fully behind. The world feels whole and the hearts are bold, and bolder is the life of this couple, sharing their time, together. The unending sky still shows glimmering blues as the red tent stands ready and inviting. The mountains and rolling hills embrace you like a quilt. The underland hosts the roots of a strong sycamore tree that offers these guests protection for the night.

Time seems to slow down and gain a broader dimension when in the outdoors. The wholeness of the fresh air and delicious sounds of the night bring perspective into what truly matters. When these tall undulating mountains surround you, and a majestic sycamore tree extends its arms even further into the night, you feel at peace. Enchanted with nature and in fabulous company, Smoke Dance offers carte blanche to be transported in time and space. Please allow yourself to exhale ever more slowlier, relinquish the limits of yourself, and feel how fortunate we are to be alive.

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