Peace in Our Time greeting cards

Peace in our time greeting cards for Ukraine refugees

These cards bring together the generosity of many people who have contributed to counterbalance what we read and see about this unfathomable war. The loss of life, the new realities of broken-apart families, somehow starting over for those who fled their homes: an unconscionable reality that should not have happened. It is nonetheless happening in our time, and we can help.

My intention is that “peace in our time” can be a reality. I also wish that these cards provide a beautiful way to send messages of love and care to one another — messages that shorten distances and promote peace.

A group of generous Leesburg residents and businesses have helped me bring to life the Peace in Our Time greeting cards. Each card is an original oil painting depicting life at its best, painted with absolute delight in my studio, and ready to spread joy and tranquility. They are all in a way an earthly paradise that I believe exists in the here and now. These paintings are now a way to raise funds and donate 100% of the profits to the UN Refugee Agency. As greeting cards, they are also meant to reach out and connect, as well as to be given as a gift. I love products that ignite a virtuous cycle and do more than just be an object, and rather turn into a conduit to do good.

The cards are available for purchase as a set of 9 cards, 3 cards or individually, in Historic Downtown Leesburg at the Very Virginia Shop, on 16 S. King Street, Leesburg, Virginia, as well as online on this website: Peace in Our Time fundraiser.

The making of the Peace in Our Time cards has also strengthened our community. I would be amiss to not mention these virtuous people and businesses that made the cards possible:

  • Thank you to Carrie and Allie owners of the Forest Heart Studio for their splendid photographs of my paintings. Their knowledge, advice and tranquility made the process simple and enjoyable.
  • Thank you to Rita Sartori, president of the Friends of Leesburg Public Art (FOLPA) who hosted me at their First Friday June 3rd event at the offices of Raymond James on 201 Loudoun St SE, Suite 100 in Leesburg. Her dedication to the arts and knowledge of the Leesburg area are a treasure.
  • Thank you to Leah Kosin for listening with curiosity, for being solution-oriented, and for connecting me with Sola Pallotta, the owner of the Very Virginia Shop. Sola is selling the greeting cards in her store, and helping make sure that, as she says “all the money from the sales goes to the Ukrainians.
  • Thank you to the brilliant Olivia Ausnehmer, and the team at Loudoun Now for their publication on June 2. It reached many generous people in Loudoun County and beyond.

At the Very Virginia Shop at 16 S. King Street, Historic Downtown Leesburg, VA you may purchase individual 5 x 7” blank greeting cards and envelope for $7, 3 different random cards for $20, or the whole set of 9 cards and envelopes for $50. You may also purchase them online on this website: Peace in Our Time fundraiser.

These are the images of the set of 9 greeting cards:

The Peace in Our Time cards are from original oil paintings by Leesburg-based visual artist Sabina Puppo.

This is what the set of 5×7″ cards looks like:

These are the 9 images for the Peace in Our Time greeting cards and the envelopes.
Set of nine 5 x 7” blank greeting cards with envelopes

We thank you in advance for your interest and purchase. We believe this fundraiser will benefit Ukrainian refugees as well as the people in your circle who become recipient of the cards. Giving is a human connection that shortens distances. Giving promotes tranquility and inner peace, it is also contagious, since when you give, it inspires others to do the same. ​

Thank you for giving for the Peace in Our Time fundraiser benefiting Ukrainian refugees via the UN Refugee Agency.

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