A new collection that takes a bird’s eye view perspective. The series is mostly about Loudoun County, the undulating countryside, and some of the towns that make up this lovely part of the United States in northern Virginia. Let me explain why this new series came about. I am an avid birder. I go on walks around towns in Loudoun County with binoculars in hand and ready to be surprised by songs and colors. Somehow, this old episode of Science Friday (“Birds are the last dinosaurs”) typically pops in my mind as I watch these light feathered creatures go about their lives. On the binoculars, the radio episode can become a bit too scary sometimes!

"Roads of Leesburg" is being exhibited at the Loudoun County Visitor Center at the Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg, VA.

I am not as interested in flying as my husband is. He is a private pilot, and also flies hang gliders and paragliders. I just watch from the ground, imagine the views from above and draw.

Birds see the landscapes from above and on a whim take flight and gain perspective. They navigate following forests, rivers and landmarks.

The painting in the right, “Roads of Leesburg” on is display at the Loudoun Visitor Center at Tuscarora Mill in downtown Leesburg until June 30, 2022.

We have a gorgeous spot in the center of the historic Town of Leesburg where spring ponds on a 13-acre farm dating from the 1840s offer a place to rest and breed to Canadian geese, ducks and other species I am learning to identify. This farm is one of the last rural vestiges in the town, with cattle grazing the fields. On the photo below are the geese feeding and resting in front of lawns of nearby townhomes that were once part of the grounds of the historic Leesburg, VA farm.

Canada geese in the Town of Leesburg, VA

All of this admiration for birds and nature, gave the theme and title of my new collection of oil paintings: Birds’ Eye Views. A handful of finished paintings, and a dozen or so drawings that, as time permits, will migrate from paper to canvas. Here is a quick preview:

“Leesburg”s farmlands” with the Potomac river undulating against the Maryland border and Catoctin Mountain on the left. I think that the shape of the Town of Leesburg looks like a tree. I am finishing up another painting already called “Treesburg” to celebrate this gorgeous historic town established in 1758.
“Catoctin Formation” with its peculiar blues-green rocks exposed on the mountain that are ancient lava flows, and part of the geologic unit known as Catoctin Formation. Oh how I love geology!

That is all for now. Back to painting!

May you be well and looking forward to summer and winter, depending on where in the world you are reading.

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