Prints of my paintings

Images of my paintings turned into limited-edition prints – numbered and hand-signed. Each print is 13″ x 19″ in high definition 2400×2400 DPI print resolution with R-VCSEL Laser Scanner Unit on Cougar® Smooth, a premium paper renown for its rich, velvety feel that provides visually stunning prints with vibrant color, sharp images and long-lasting results. Besides all the technical print jargon, this type of print captures the fine detail and textures of my paintings. They look stunning and with their true colors. They will arrive to your destination in a hard tube ready for you to frame to your taste.

My prints are inspired by a poster created in Italy by my aunt, Alessandra Puppo. She gifted me one of the first ones when I was 16 years old, and I remember absolutely loving it. It is such a treasured object that I have carried it with me in every move, and I have moved over 20 times by now. It hangs in a simple frame, and it still delights me.

One place to purchase all prints of my art: I truly hope that these prints bring joy, tranquility and warmth, either as a gift for you or to others.

I have to thank friends, colleagues and collectors who encourage me to create different ways for people to enjoy what I paint. I thank you!

Limited edition prints by Sabina Puppo.

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