Get Out Loudoun Magazine Interview

Thank you to Dana Armstrong and Get Out Loudoun for interviewing me and publishing news about my latest collection: Earthward. This collection showcases many aerial views of Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, all with a birds-eye-view perspective. Dana described this collection in her article titled “Nature of Delight: Sabina Puppo Paints Loudoun’s Farmlands” as a “patchwork of textured fields, the farm animals, the moments of mundane life, the imagined underworld of tree roots and pockets of water and stone, and the rolling multi-hued mountains, make up her dramatic dreamscapes.

Dana came to my new studio in historic Leesburg to interview me about NATURE OF DELIGHT, my Solo Exhibition in Washington DC, at Hill Center Galleries. Twenty-four original oil paintings are on display at the Old Naval Hospital in Capitol Hill, taking up two luminous rooms on the 2nd floor. The last Open House where I will be onsite to answer questions and chat with viewers will be this upcoming Tuesday, December 13 from 6 to 8 pm. The exhibit will remain open to the public until January 6, 2023.

Dana is a diligent interviewer, who artfully weaves the present and the past, ambition, dreams, and reality, all to deliver what an introverted artist would not disclose. Her curious mind crafts questions that made me pause and contemplate my interests, inspiration, and technique with a different perspective. Cultures, time, and stories intertwined revealing aspects of my art that I take for granted, and only as my way of expressing myself. Dana found other qualities and descriptions and put them beautifully in her own words.

We also talked about nature, current events, and the fundraiser benefiting Ukraine Refugees (which I have decided to extend while this awful war continues), and about mentors, collectors, and friendships.

Dana made me pause and reflect on all the people who make the world of a visual artist possible. We depend on our inventiveness to create original artwork that combines color and stories to create meaning. We rely on time, skill, and technique to make the artwork possible and inspiring. We count on followers, admirers, supporters, and collectors for our art to get out in the world.

It is a strange feeling to be featured publicly. I felt a dream-like quality when opening up the Get Out Loudoun magazine and seeing one of my paintings, or my picture on display. I have felt similarly when painting in public at a fundraiser or during an Open House or on the opening night of an exhibition.

I am so grateful that people are always so kind, engaging, and supportive. I am thankful that people see me blush and just smile. I am glad that through art, we can help refugees in Ukraine, bring joy to an office, practice, or home, and that in our own particular way, we seek to add value and beauty to our time.

Thank you!

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