Three trees on a hill (we have seen you before)

“Three trees on a hill” is the displayed title of an original mixed media painting currently on display and for sale at Hill Center Galleries in Washington DC. The back of the painting, as well as the story I am about to tell you, also capture the full title, the way I envisioned while I was painting it: “We have seen you before.” This is a painting were the three trees and the hill are your observers. The person looking at this painting becomes the protagonist to the trees. The trees see you. They talk to you. They acknowledge your existence and behavior. They encourage you. They notice you. They share your path.

This is how the story accompanying this painting goes:

“These trees have inhabited these hills forever and a day. They have witnessed change in its broadest sense. They have seen births and deaths. They have experienced growth and blooms, and shed their leaves to the winds. ‘We are three trees on a hill. We are each unique and also the same. We stand rooted in an Earth that turns constantly. Our branches reach out tall, caressing the sky and toying with the clouds. We clean the air you breathe after your every breath. We give you shade in the heat of day and shelter in the rain and wind. We have seen you kiss, smile, cry and reflect. We have felt your stumps on our roots and your fists on our bark. We see you walking past us with a clear mind and an openness for what yet may come. We have seen you before, and will continue to be here for you as long as you pause to notice us. Take a breath. Yes, now, take a breath and we will give you back the freshest air you have witnessed yet. We live with you. We have seen you before, and continue with you on a shared path’.”

Prints of this original painting are available on archival paper in a run of only 400. You may purchase it directly on this website, and it will be mailed to your destination in a tube, ready for wrapping or framing.

I have gained the courage to record the story in this short video that is a reel on my Instagram page @SabinaPuppoArt. If you do not have access to this application, here is the video, without the music, just my voice.

The exhibition “Nature of Delight” is open until January 6, 2023 at Hill Center Galleries, at the historic Old Naval Hospital in Washington DC.

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