“The journey is the one within”

Title of this oil painting on organic cotton fabric, 19 x 25,” framed in poplar wood.

This is a painting of the inner journey of life, and of course it’s got to have some humor.

Journey to the top of a hill with a delicious orange tree and many companions along the way.
The journey is the one within

Surrounded by nature, a couple is horseback riding towards the top of a hill where there is a small tree with the juiciest of oranges. The riders have made the trip many times, and they never fail to enjoy the journey and the destination. Under the orange tree is a bench where they will be able to rest, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the moment. In the meantime, a cheeky sheep is trying her best to hop and sit on the bench to have her contemplative journey.

Everyone wants to sit on the bench, so cows and their guardian llama are also making the trip up the hill, while hares eat some carrots from the veggie patch, lizards enjoy the plum trees, and a ginger cat is facing a snake thinking it will fall under her spell.

  • Journey to the top of a hill with a delicious orange tree

These rolling hills with its gorgeous trees and bushes offer shelter and food to all. Sometimes life is like a spiral, and we feel we go through a similar place or situation many times. But it is never the same. When we pace ourselves, the journey invites us to be attentive, to enjoy our surroundings, to be aware of what the day brings. One must also keep things in perspective and realize we are surrounded by nature, and many of life’s delights to appreciate and share. Dwelling on what we cannot control, or on what we haven’t got, or hoping for situations to be different is not living; not really. It is just yearning for something it is not. Being and returning to the present moment where we are aware and conscious allows us to live under an open and vast sky. Acknowledging our present, practicing courage and kindness, and befriending our thoughts may be a good conversation for the riders in this painting, as they are to embark on a portion of their journey.

Our journey is the one within. A journey we live for a definite time, in nature, alongside many other creatures —all managing our best to live good, kind and meaningful lives.

This painting is available as a limited edition print through this website.

Limited edition print for sale.

The original painting is currently exhibited and for sale on the 1st floor at Hill Center Galleries in Washington DC, until April 14, 2023. It can be purchased through the Hill Center website.

Link to Hill Center Gallery in Washington DC where the painting is exhibited.

This painting was exhibited and selected as a finalist at the 2nd Biennale Naive Art in Bulgaria 2021, and represented Uruguay at the 3rd Latin American Art Triennial in New York City, Pace University Gallery in 2022.

Let this short video take you through the painting, as if you were right in front of it.

Browsing the painting

Thank you for your presence, and for letting me pour my thoughts on this blog.

All my love, as we approach the end of the first month of this year,


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