Sabina Puppo grew up amongst artists and is herself the 7th generation of Italian artists in her family. Her art education started under the tutelage of her parents and grandparents. Many decades have passed since those days, and Sabina is now a celebrated artist whose work is easily identifiable and treasured by loyal collectors throughout the world. Her ‘dreamscapes’ are filled with action and many viewpoints. Her artwork has one thing in common: they are a delight and will surround you with joy and tranquility.

Sabina’s work has an innocent quality that stands out for its simplicity. The fine lines she traces on the oil create a language of her own. There is a tranquility transmitted in how she paints rolling hills –combed with vineyards and olive groves, seas with playful and undulating waves, majestic trees with extensive roots and underlands, and an exquisite combination of colors, all details that transport the viewer to idyllic dreamscapes. Her art celebrates life in Nature. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

In late 2021 Sabina and her husband moved to the Town of Leesburg, in the Virginia Piedmont. She finds herself at ease in the historic countryside where rolling hills and vineyards adorn hallowed landscapes, streams roar free, and the open sky sets no limit to the imagination. Sabina is an active supporter of the arts, and the natural environment through donations and auctions that benefit these causes. Her current fundraiser, Peace in Our Time donates 100% proceeds of the sale of greeting cards with her paintings to Ukraine refugees.

Recalling American academic, writer and artist Caleb Ives Bach’s words, “Sabina’s paintings transport the viewer far from the banality and bombast typical of the larger world. Sabina’s paintings, whimsical yet profound, celebrate the simple pleasures of working the land, living harmoniously with nature, and spending time with people dear to us: visual salve guaranteed to comfort even the most savaged soul.”