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Peace in Our Time fundraiser

Let’s raise another USD$1,000 together.

The Peace in Our Time fundraiser started in March 2022, just as the invasion and war in Ukraine began. All, 100%, of the funds raised through the purchase of greeting cards support displaced Ukrainian families. The war continues, and winter makes life more complicated when you are living in danger and fear. We need to do better, and continue to support those less fortunate and more vulnerable.

Every time we all raise USD$1,000, the UN Refugee Agency gets the funds. 100% of proceeds support refugees.

The card you may have received or purchased displays original oil paintings by Sabina Puppo. The collective wish is that “peace in our time” can soon be our shared reality. The cards are a way to share messages of love and care with one another — messages that shorten distances and promote kindness and peace.

Set of 9 cards: US$50. Set of 3 cards: $20. Individual card: $7.

Purchase online:

  • 1) Send payment via the donation form below, or Zelle or Venmo using email address or phone number 571-544-1488.
  • 2) Provide your mailing address to
  • 3) Add postage: in the United States is US$5, and overseas US$9. Please add it to your purchase.

Purchase greeting cards to benefit Ukraine refugees

$50 for a set of 9 different cards, $20 for 3 or $7 for each one.


Or enter a custom amount to account for more sets of greeting cards and to include postage (USD$5 per set of cards in the USA, and USD$9 per set overseas)


Your contribution is appreciated and 100% of proceeds go to the UN Refugee Agency.


These are the 9 images on the cards:

Set of 9 Peace in Our Time cards by Sabina Puppo.
Photo of the set: one of each blank 5 x 7″ greeting card and envelope. Total of 9 cards.