No way you’ll catch me

This is a new painting, and oil on canvas measuring 18 x 24” (45.7 x 61 cm). I wish I could share the joy of painting these landscapes along with the photo. This painting has the scent of freshly plowed soil, the excitement of jumping a stone fence, the whining and loud laughter of horses, the quiet chatter of the donkeys, the admiration of the kids as their dad tries to lace a horse, the freedom of the wide open blue sky.

The forests are filled with life, as is the soil. The farmhouses in the distance have whole families inhabiting them, and delighting in these hills. And the owl, a keen watcher of all happenings.

When you pause and watch closely, the landscape offers so much entertainment. The quiet owl on the post notices the joy of the girl jumping the low stone wall, the hard work of the farmer plowing the land with his companion mule, the boy clawed to the fence while watching the horses kick and laugh about the potential of being reigned in by the experienced herdsman, the girl in the blue skirt standing by the gate avid for a bareback horse ride, the donkeys in the far away field approaching each other for some gossip, the apple trees with delicious red apples ready to be bitten, the quilted hills, and the red road open to take you where your heart desires.  

I want to thank my colleagues at the Boulder Virtual Artist Critique Group for their input and feedback to make this painting better. this is a collaborative group of artists focused on making every artwork shared as good as it can be.

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